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Wakanda Wiki
shares new African ideas
for a better world.

Welcome to Wakanda!

This Wakanda Wiki is a "learning by doing" experiment about the diffusion of African innovation. It is an online engine collecting, processing, and disseminating African knowledge, technological information, and innovation that can foster sustainable development on the continent. A central assumption underlying this project is that the transboundary and dynamic circulation of homegrown know-how is a key enabler to strengthen the innovation value chain for inclusive and sustainable continental industrialization. For that endeavor, the Wiki format appeared as the obvious vector as it is simple, web-based, and open access. A Wiki allows collaborative editing with instant publication worldwide. According to Ward Cunningham, inventor of the first Wiki software: “We don't know quite what [a “Wiki”] is, but we do know it's a fun way to communicate asynchronously across the network.” Wakanda Wiki is hosted with Miraheze because it is free of charge, there are no ads, and it is 100% open source.

Sharing ideas, with a bias towards Africa, offers tremendous potential spillovers encompassing: EMULATE actors of the innovation cycle; REPLICATE best practices of sustainable development across regions; VALORIZE research and development (R&D) and innovation; ATTRACT international investors scouting novel practices; SHOWCASE African ingenuity and positive narratives; INSPIRE new types of cooperation. Wakanda Wiki hopes to contribute to BOOST the innovation ecosystem and help spur knowledge-based societies towards a sustainable transformation of the continent.


What's in it for me? Discover stellar African innovative ideas.

Call for collaboration

Wakanda Wiki appeals to collective intelligence for the democratization of disruption. Are you an African incubator, research lab, tech hub? An individual academic, industrialist, entrepreneur, policy maker? On the continent, in Diaspora? You are most welcome to join this common effort to disseminate Africa's novel solutions for a better world! To that end, check the #MeToDo on how to input new information pages. For other inquiries, feel free to get in touch via systemdafrica [at] gmail [dot] com.

Le saviez vous ?

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DYK? Know someone who might have scientific equipment (still in good working order) to donate? The Seeding Labs flagship program Instrumental Access is looking for urgent equipment for labs that need it!
DYK? The Next Einstein Forum 3rd Class of NEF Fellows applications are now open: once selected, Fellows will join 35 of Africa’s top scientists from all fields of science. Have what it takes? Apply before 27th January 2019.

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